NNL Regional Qualifier:

Dec. 29th – 31st

Compete for a chance to qualify for the National Ninja League New England Regionals!



Safety/COVID Procedures

Prior to joining us, please take time to review the following safety/COVID procedures we have put in place. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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  • An updated electronic waiver is required for each family/competitor before entering the facility.
  • All participants must fill out a Season VII NNL waiver prior to participating.
  • Waves are limited to 20-25 competitors.
  • AS OF 12/28/21: All athletes, spectators and staff must wear a face mask when inside the facility during the duration of the event. Competitors may remove his/her mask when on the course.
  • We encourage families to limit to no more than 2 adults per competitor/s.


  • Competitor price: $75
    • Please note: Thursday, December 23rd is the last day refunds can be issued for any competitor cancellations (including, but not limited to: schedule conflict, weather, health, etc.)  Thank you in advance for your understanding.
    • Limited space per age division. Advance sign-up is required.

Additional Information

  • 12/23/21: This is the last day we will have our front desk staff in the office to answer any questions/assist with registration prior to the competition. Our facility closes for our Winter/Holiday break from 12/24-on.
  • 12/24-12/26: Registrations can be completed online only. 12/26 is the last day to sign-up. 
  • 12/28/21: Run orders will be posted to our Facebook page by the end of day.


All times listed below will be confirmed once registration closes after 12/26.



  • Ages: 40+ years old*
  • Day: Wed. Dec. 29th
  • Check-in Time: 9:45am
  • Course Walk-through: Starts at 10:00am


  • Adult Div. Ages: 18+ years old*
  • Day: Wed. Dec. 29th
  • Check-in Time: 11:30am
  • Course Walk-through: Starts at 11:45am

Young Adults

  • Young Adult Div. Ages: 15-17 years old*
  • Day: Wed. Dec. 29th
  • Check-in Time: 1:45pm
  • Course Walk-through: Starts at 2:00pm


  • Ages: 15+ years old*
  • Day: Wed. Dec. 29th
  • Check-in Time: 4:00pm
  • Course Walk-through: Starts at 4:15pm



  • Ages: 6-8 years old*
  • Day: Thurs. Dec. 30th
  • Check-in Time: 8:45am
  • Course Walk-through: Starts at 9:00am

Mature Kids

  • Ages: 9-10 years old*
  • Day: Thurs. Dec. 30th
    • Wave 1:
      • Check-in Time: 11:00am
      • Course Walk-through: Starts at 11:15am
    • Wave 2: 
      • Check-in Time: 1:00pm
      • Course Walk-through: Starts at 1:15pm


  • Ages: 11-12 years old*
  • Day: Thurs. Dec. 30th
    • Wave 1:
      • Check-in Time: 3:15pm
      • Course Walk-through: Starts at 3:30pm
    • Wave 2:
      • Check-in Time: 5:15pm
      • Course Walk-through: Starts at 5:30pm



  • Ages: 13-14 years old*
  • Day: Fri. Dec. 31st
    • Wave 1:
      • Check-in Time: 9:15am
      • Course Walk-through: Starts at 9:30am
    • Wave 2:
      • Check-in Time: 11:15am
      • Course Walk-through: Starts at 11:30am

*The competitor’s division is determined by his/her age as of February 21, 2022*

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