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2023 – 2024

Below you will find some helpful information to answer any questions you may have.

Class Tuition, Enrollment + Un-Enrollment

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Class Tuition:

Classes are structured and priced as a year-long program with monthly tuition. Tuition is the same amount each month. We do not charge more for ‘long’ months nor less for ‘short’ months. Over the year, all classes meet the same amount.

Enrollment + Un-enrollment:

You may enroll your child in a class online, over the phone or in person. Once a child is registered for class, his/her enrollment automatically carries over each following month. Tuition is charged on the 15th of the month prior and paid by your credit card on file (ex: tuition for the month of October will be charged on the 15th of September).

If you ever wish to un-enroll, you may do so by providing a written notice (filling out a form at the front desk or sending an email to info@gymspectrum.comprior to the 14th of the month so that your card does not get charged for the following month’s tuition on the 15th. You also may re-enroll at any time; however, we cannot guarantee your child’s spot will still be available.

Gymnastic Spectrum Family Membership

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A Gymnastic Spectrum family membership is required to enroll your child/ren in any Gymnastics or Ninja class. The annual Family Fee cost $40, covers your entire immediate family and is active for 1 year (this does not mean your child/ren must be enrolled in classes during this entire 1 year period. See information above on how to un-enroll your child/ren from class). Once your family membership is active, you can enroll your child/ren in class as well as receive discounted member pricing on birthday parties, pro-shop apparel, events and more.

If your Family membership is no longer active, or if you are a new family to our facility, you will be charged the $40 annual Family Fee when enrolling your child/ren in a class.  If your child/ren is actively enrolled in class and your Family membership is about to expire, the $40 Annual Family Fee will automatically be charged in addition to the monthly tuition.

20% Family / Multi-Class Discount

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We offer a 20% discount on additional classes and/or siblings concurrently enrolled in class! The most expensive monthly tuition pays full tuition, all lesser class tuitions are discounted 20%.

Missed Classes / Absences

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It is always best if your child can attend their regularly scheduled class but in case of illness or injury, we ask that you please call the office or send an email to notify us of your child’s expected absence. Although we cannot guarantee this class can be rescheduled, if you would like, you are welcome to add your child to a drop-in waitlist for another day that week.

Drop-in spaces are subject to availability and may often not be available. No credits or refunds are given for missed classes.


Drop-In Classes

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Each morning, any actively enrolled student is welcome to call our office to be added to a class drop-in waitlist for that day. It is not guaranteed that you will be able to attend a drop-in class, it is based on availability. If another student notifies us that they will not be attending that class, we will call to add drop-in students to that class. Please note you are usually called the night before or the morning of the drop-in class.

Scheduled + Unscheduled Closures

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Scheduled Closures:

Please be aware of the scheduled closures due to holidays, seasonal breaks and competitions (listed below). We try to schedule closures for the 5th class of the month, however if there is no 5th week for your class day, you are welcome to add your child to a drop-in waitlist if you would like. No credits or refunds are given for these scheduled closures.

Holiday/Seasonal Gym Closures: 2023-2024

  • Summer/Labor Day Break 2023: Aug. 28th – Sept. 4th
  • Thanksgiving 2023: Nov. 23rd
  • Winter Break 2023: Dec. 24th – Dec. 31st
  • New Years 2024: Jan. 1st
  • Easter 2024: March 31st
  • Memorial Day 2024: May 27th
  • Independence Day 2024: July 1st – 4th
  • Summer/Labor Day Break 2023: Aug. 26th – Sept. 2nd

Competition Gym Closures: 2024

  • No Gymnastics Classes (Xcel Winterfest Competition): Saturday, Jan. 27th
  • No Ninja Classes (WNL Competition): Saturday, February 17th
  • No Ninja Classes (NENA Championship): Friday, April 5th, Saturday, April 6th and Monday, April 8th

Unscheduled Closures:

Occasionally there is an unscheduled closure due to extreme weather or an unexpected added competition.  In this case, if there is gym and staff availability, we will do our best to add an extra class that week to accommodate these closures and you are welcome to add your child to a drop-in waitlist if you would like. No credits or refunds are given for these unscheduled closures.

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