In-House Recreational Competitions

Girls: Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Gymnastic Spectrum

Fun competitions with routines, judges & awards!

Does your child love gymnastics and want to attend a competition but not ready for the time commitment and stress of a full competitive season? Join us at our in-house recreational competitions: a great opportunity for our recreational gymnasts to compete their routines at the gym in front of judges, family and friends for scores, trophies and most importantly..FUN! 🙂

Additional Information
  • Gymnasts will learn routines during their registered class time and will perform and compete with these routines in front of USAG certified judges for a score.
  • Each gymnast will compete a routine at all 4 events (bars, beam, floor, vault) without the spotting of an instructor. If assistance is required during a routine there will be a 1 pt reduction. If a gymnast choses to not participate in an event they may “scratch” for that event.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top 5 gymnasts at each of the 4 events.
  • Every gymnast will be awarded a medal for their all-around score (the sum of all 4 event scores)
  • Ages: K’s – 8th grade (grouped by age/level)


  • Gymnasts must wear the red Gymnastic Spectrum leotard. (optional: black shorts or black leggings).
  • Hair must be pulled back in a tight bun or pony tail.
  • Bracelets, necklaces, anklets or dangly earings are not allowed.
Pricing & Registration
  • Price: $50. A Red “Gymnastic Spectrum” leotard is required for all competing gymnasts (separate cost). No sibling discounts, credits, refunds or make-ups. Must be enrolled in class.
  • Limited space available, Pre-registration is required.

2022-2023 Dates:

Sunday, November 13th (Last day to register: 10/23)

Sunday, December 11th (Last day to register: 11/20)

Sunday, February 12th (Last day to register: 1/22)

Sunday, March 12th (Last day to register: 2/19)

Sunday, April 16th (Last day to register: 3/26)


Start Time:

All ages/divisions will start at 2:15pm

Recreational In-house Gymnastics Championship:

Sunday, June 4th, 2023

More info coming soon!

Recreational & Pre-school Exhibitions

Recreational: Girls, Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Pre-school: Boys & Girls, 3.5 yrs-5yrs

Gymnastic Spectrum

A fun non-competitive event to showcase gymnastics skills for family & friends!

PARENTS- Grab your cameras! Family and friends will join us in the gym for a very fun and special night! Our recreational gymnasts will each have an opportunity to showcase their gymnastics skills at all 4 events: bars, beam, floor and vault. It’s a fun evening to display their hard work and capture some memories! We will end the night with an award ceremony for all – hope to see you there!

Additional Information
  • Gymnasts will showcase a set of skills and drills they are working on in class in front of family & friends!
  • Gymnasts will have the option to be spotted by their instructor throughout their skills at all 4 gymnastics events (bars, beam, floor, vault).
  • Each gymnast will take a Gymnastic Spectrum medal home at the evening’s award ceremony!
  • Ages:
    • Preschool: Girls & Boys, 3.5yrs-5 yrs
    • Recreational: Girls, K’s – 8th grade (grouped by age/level)
2022-2023 Dates & Times

Save the dates!

  • Winter Exhibition
    • Preschool & Recreational: Sunday, December 18th
  • Summer Exhibition
    • Preschool & Recreational: Sunday, June 11th
Pricing & Registration
  • Price: $25. No sibling discounts, credits, refunds or make-ups. Must be enrolled in class. 
    • Limited space available, pre-registration is required.
    • Please note: registration closes 1 week before each Exhibition

    XCEL Competitions


    January 2023:

    Gymnastic Spectrum’s “Winterfest” XCEL Competition

    • Date: January 27th – 29th, 2023
    • Price:
      • XCEL Bronze-Gold: $55
      • XCEL Platinum-Diamond: $80
    • Team Entry Fee: $25 per team
    • Registration & Payment Deadline: December 1st
    • Level Changes: December 14th
    • Location: 69 Kenosia Avenue Ext., Danbury CT 06810
    • Additional Details:
      • Medals awarded to top 5 in each event and all All-Around Placement (themed trophies for top 3 all-arounders)
      • Team banners for top 3 teams in every level
      • No gate fees for family members.

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