Ninja vs. Ninja

Join us for our Spring 2021 Ninja vs. Ninja Tournament


Compete at our youth qualifier race tournaments for a chance to earn a spot in the Spring 2021 Ninja vs. Ninja Championship Tournament where we will crown our Grand Champion! Each competition will have a seeding round followed by head-to-head races in a double elimination bracket. Prizes will be awarded to the 4 semi-finalists along with qualifying spots at each competition. 

Each competition will bring a new course design! See below for full details on the competition format, how to qualify and more.


Qualifier #1:

May 8th & 16th

Qualifier #2:

May 22nd & 23rd

championship tournament:

June 12th & 13th

Tournament details

age divisions:

(Age as of 2/21/21)

  • 7-8 Year Old Division
  • 9-10 Year Old Division
  • 11-12 Year Old Division*
  • 13-15 Year Old Division*

*=Recommended for highly skilled and experienced Ninjas who are actively competing in ninja leagues.

Athletes may “bump up” an age division if they wish but may not “bump down”. Courses will vary in difficulty per age division so ninjas who wish to participate in multiple age divisions can do so.


  • Saturdays
    • 7-8 Year Old Division: 3:00pm
    • 9-10 Year Old Division: 5:30pm
  • Sundays
    • 11-12 Year Old Division: 2:00pm
    • 13-15 Year Old Division: 4:45pm


  • $65 per competition. Spectators are free.
  • Limited space per age division.

format/ additional informATION:

  • Open to members & non-members.
  • In the seeding round ninjas will run the course side-by-side with their time recorded, not their result. Each athlete’s recorded time in this round will be used to seed ninjas and place them in the bracket accordingly.
  • After the seeding round, ninjas will race head-to-head. The winner of each race will continue to advance each round in the bracket as long as he/she continues to win.
  • When an athlete loses a race:
    • If it’s their 1st loss: he/she will be entered into a separate bracket and will still have a chance to win their way to the Finals match-up if they can continue to win their races!
    • If it’s their 2nd loss: he/she is officially eliminated from the tournament and will have no further races.
  • At a minimum, each athlete will have 3 runs on the course (although they could participate in many more races if they can continue to win and advance on the bracket!)

spring 2021 tournament results

7-8 division

Championship Tournament:

Grand Champion: Jake Rotzman

2nd Place: Kate Ruiz

3rd Place: Connor Chretien

4th Place: Emily Bauco


Fastest Female Runs:

1st Place: Kate Ruiz

2nd Place: Sophia Rotzman

3rd Place: Emily Bauco


Fastest Male Runs:

1st Place: Jake Rotzman

2nd Place: Jason Hudak

3rd Place: Grady Hopkins

9-10 division

Championship Tournament:

Grand Champion: Alex Ascone

2nd Place: Brady Flynn

3rd Place: Ryley Hunt

4th Place: Benji Perino


Fastest Female Runs:

1st Place: Ryley Hunt

2nd Place: Emma Anastasakis

3rd Place: Clare Danner


Fastest Male Runs:

1st Place: Alex Ascone

2nd Place: Brady Flynn

3rd Place: Jake Rotzman

11-12 division

Championship Tournament:

Grand Champion: Justin Blezard

2nd Place: Nick Warren

3rd Place: Matthew Esposito

4th Place: Noah Lipin


Fastest Female Runs:

1st Place: Skylar Awalt

2nd Place: Taylor Chapoutot

3rd Place: Maeve Murphy


Fastest Male Runs:

1st Place: Justin Blezard

2nd Place: Charlie Ball

3rd Place: Nick Warren

13-15 division

Championship Tournament:

Grand Champion: Cody Beneway

2nd Place: Sean Arms

3rd Place: Jordan Carr

4th Place: Darin Moran

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