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Youth Ninja Warrior Competitions

Choose from our 3 Course Levels/Colors and test your ninja skills at our Youth NINJA Night: a fun competition night for ninjas of all abilities.

Every Ninja Night will bring a NEW obstacle course design, each with a 2:00-2:30 time limit and an average of 10 age appropriate obstacles. Ninjas will each have 2 full course runs with a Judge and our NinjaWorks timing system followed by open gym/redemption time for extra practice on the course obstacles. Each ninja’s best scored run of the night will be included on our leaderboard and the top 3 ninjas in each age division will receive medals at the end of the night.

ninja night format:

  • Course Walk-through (Rules & Demo with Judge)
  • Course Runs- Round 1
  • Course Runs- Round 2
  • Redemption/ Open Gym time on the obstacles
  • Podium/ Awards

scoring/point system:

  • During course runs ninjas will receive 1 point for each successfully completed obstacle within the course time limit.
  • Course completion time will also be recorded if ninjas are quick enough to get to the final buzzer!
  • Total points will take precedent over time.


ninja night: course levels


Beginner Level Courses

Red Courses (beg.) – Ideal For:

Ninjas with little experience putting obstacles together in a timed course run and are looking for more practice on fun courses! Obstacles included in the Red Courses will be similar to those practiced in our Ninja Mania class, with some obstacles swapped out to keep it new, fun, and always changing.

Click here to see a sample Red Level course!

age divisions offered:

  • 7-8 year olds
  • 9-10 year olds
  • 11-13 year olds

Course design includes foundational ninja obstacles such as:

    • Rings
    • Quintuple steps
    • Warped wall (age appropriate)
    • Trapezes & monkey bars 
    • Ring slides
    • Rope swings
    • Cargo nets
    • Balance obstacles & more!

Intermediate Level Courses

gray Courses (int.) – Ideal For:

Ninjas who have experience in competitive ninja leagues (NNL, UNAA, our KNL, etc.) and are looking for more experience & confidence running obstacle courses with intermediate level obstacles (see below).

age divisions offered:

  • 8-9 year olds
  • 10-12 year olds

Course design includes intermediate obstacles and skills such as:

  • Cannonballs & Cone grips and hooks 
  • Laches (4-5ft)
  • Spinning Trapeze bars
  • Pegs: fixed & partial movement of peg
  • Devil steps (portions of)
  • Flying squirrel 
  • Cliffhanger (4-6 ft)
  • Flywheel
  • Ringtoss (moving rings)
  • Balance obstacles & more!

Advanced Level Courses

black Courses (adv.). – Ideal For:

Highly skilled and very experienced Ninjas who are actively competing in ninja leagues and are looking for more practice running timed & judged courses with challenging obstacles in a competive format.

age divisions offered:

  • 10-12 year olds
  • 13-14 year olds

Course design includes advanced obstacles and skills such as:

    • Nunchucks & Cane grips and hooks
    • Laches (6ft+)
    • Moving pegs
    • Full devil steps
    • Cliffhangers (6 ft+ with transfers)
    • Sky hooks 
    • Winguts
    • Dejavu and or/ moving bar based obstacles (ex: Flying Bar)
    • Single & double dipper
    • Gumdrops
    • Balance  obstacles & more!

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