What is Kids Ninja League?


There’s soccer leagues, basketball leagues and now a KIDS NINJA LEAGUE! Our Kids Ninja League (KNL) is a team format, point based obstacle course league for kids who love the sport of NINJA! Whether your child is new to Ninja, already a competitive Ninja, or looking for a fun and friendly competition format with friends, come join in on the Ninja challenges and fun at Ninja Mania’s KNL!


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Each KNL season (3 in total: Fall, Winter and Spring) consists of 5 Ninja Warrior style competitions. Ninjas sign-up for their age appropriate division and are divided into teams for the season. Similar to the show American Ninja Warrior, Ninjas run the obstacle course individually, but are accumulating points for their team!

Courses consist of an average of 10 obstacles and are designed differently for each competition. Each course focuses on providing a challenging and fun environment for children to grow their Ninja skills! It’s a great opportunity for kids to implement the skills, strength and balance developed in Ninja class..all in a fun and supportive environment!

Each KNL season concludes with our KNL Cup Championship, an award ceremony for all following the final competition! Here we highlight all teams final season standings,1st – 4th place, plus the male & female division season point leaders.


Age Divisions & Price

(Age group determined by age as of 9.1.20)

  • 5-6 Year Old Division (If a child is not 5 as of 9/1/20 but is 5 as of the date of the first competition, please contact us about enrollment.)
  • 7-8 Year Old Division
  • 9-10 Year Old Division
  • 11+ Year Old Division (Regular and pro course levels. See “Learn More” below for more info.)

*Child may bump up an age group if desired.

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  • Members: $135
  • Non-Members: $150 (If you are a non-member and have not previously participated in our Kids Ninja League before, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation class prior to the start of the season so we can create teams.)

**TWO Course Levels for the 11+ Division**

We have two course levels for our 11+ year old Division: Regular and Pro. Both levels are in the same 11+ Year Old Division and the teams will consist of Ninjas running at each level. The 11+ Pro level is for athletes who are experienced competing in Ninja Leagues. Ninjas in this level will run immediately after all Ninjas from our Regular level run and slight adjustments are made to the course for a higher level of difficulty.

Our Kids Ninja League includes:


5 competitions (each with a different age appropriate obstacle course)


Song choice to play while running the course


NinjaWorks BUZZER, lights and timing system


Kid friendly rules


KNL Trophy


KNL Team T-shirt


Prizes for the point leaders, male & female, in each division

Check out some exciting BUZZER BEATER moments from our past KNL seasons!


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**NEW RULES for the WINTER 2020 Season!**

Teams: Ninjas will be placed on a team consisting of 4-6 members in their age division and will be co-ed.

Points: During the season there will be 5 competitions in total. At each competition, Ninjas will run the course receiving (1) point for every obstacle successfully completed within the provided time limit. If an obstacle is attempted and not achieved, there will not be a point awarded but Ninjas can continue to run the rest of the course and can still receive points for each successfuly completed obstacle following that. 

The points each team member achieves on his/her course run will then be averaged with their team members points for a combined team score (ex: 4 team members are on 1 team. (2) Ninjas complete 9 points and (2) Ninjas complete 7 points. Their points averaged together would give their team 8 points).

At the end of each competition, season points will be awarded to each team depending on how they finished:

  • 1st place team = 4 season points
  • 2nd place team = 3 season points
  • 3rd place team = 2 season points
  • 4th place team= 1 season point

Teams will accrue points each competition and team standings will be posted after each competition. At the end of the 5th and final competition, an award ceremony will acknowledge the winning team of the KNL Championship Cup, the final season team standings along with trophies, and prizes for the top male & female point finishers in each division.

Time: The time it takes for each Ninja to complete his/her course run will be recorded. If a Ninja does not complete the course within the provided time limit, the maximum time will be recorded as their time (ex: Bobby is on obstacle #8 when the time limit of 2:30 runs out. Bobby’s time for his course run would be recorded as 2:30.) Points will take precedent over time for score keeping. Time will be used if/when any teams have a tie with points.

Absences: If a team member is absent from a competition, the lowest score from his/her team will be used and averaged into the team score. NEW THIS WINTER 2020 SEASON: If the same team member misses a 2nd competition, the lowest score from his/her team will be used and averaged into the team score. If the same team member misses a 3rd competition, the lowest score from his/her team will be cut in half to be used and averaged into the team score. (ex: Bobby is absent for the 3rd time. The lowest score on his team at the competition is 5 points. Bobby’s score for the day would be 2.5 points.) The KNL requires a commitment to your team! Friendly reminder: there are no make-ups or refunds for any missed KNL competitions.

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