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Kids Ninja League! 




Fall 2020 Season

Coming this October!! We have some exciting NEW changes to our Kids Ninja League, see below for more information.

    Fall Season Dates and Times:



      • Start times*:
        • 5-6 Year Olds: 2:00pm
        • 7-8 Year Olds: 3:30pm
      • Dates:
        • Competition #1: October 3rd
        • Competition #2: October 17th
        • Competition #3: October 31st
        • KNL Fall Cup Championship: November 14th

      *Please note: Final start times will be posted when sign-up closes and we have the final number of ninjas participating in each age division.



      • Start time*: 
        • 9-10 year olds: 1:30pm
        • 11+ “pro” Division: 3:45pm (For athletes ages 11- 16 who are experienced competing in Ninja Leagues.)
      • Dates:
        • Competition #1: October 4th
        • Competition #2: October 18th
        • Competition #3: November 1st
        • KNL Fall Cup Championship: November 15th

      *Please note: Final start times per division will be posted once teams are set.

      Limited space available. Last day to sign up: Saturday, September 26th.

      What is Kids Ninja League?


      There’s soccer leagues, basketball leagues and now a KIDS NINJA LEAGUE! Our Kids Ninja League (KNL) is a team format, point based obstacle course league for kids who love the sport of NINJA! Whether your child is new to Ninja, already a competitive Ninja, or looking for a fun and friendly competition format with friends, come join in on the Ninja challenges and fun at Ninja Mania’s KNL!


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      Each KNL season (3 in total: Fall, Winter and Spring) consists of 4-5 Ninja Warrior style competitions. Ninjas sign-up for their age appropriate division and are divided into teams for the season. Ninjas will take on our 3 Main Events individually, but are accumulating points for their team!

      • Event #1: Obstacle Course Run
      • Event #2: Skill Event/s
      • Event #3: Ninja Light Challenge

      Each event focuses on providing a challenging and fun environment for children to grow their Ninja skills! It’s a great opportunity for kids to implement the skills, strength and balance developed in Ninja class..all in a fun and supportive environment!

      Each KNL season concludes with our KNL Cup Championship, an award ceremony for all following the final competition! Here we highlight all teams final season standings, plus the male & female division season point leaders.

      Age Divisions

      (Age group determined by age as of 9.1.20)

      • 5-6 Year Old Division (If a child is not 5 as of 9/1/20 but is 5 as of the date of the first competition, please contact us about enrollment.)
      • 7-8 Year Old Division
      • 9-10 Year Old Division
      • 11+ “PRO” Division (For athletes ages 11- 16 who are experienced competing in Ninja Leagues.)

      *Child may bump up an age group if desired.


      • Ninjas will be placed on a team for the Fall season.
      • If your child is not currently enrolled in a class, and/or it’s been a while since your child has been to any class/event at the gym, we will contact you to schedule a screening.  Screenings may be required for team placement.
      • The number of ninjas on a team will be determined based on the final number of ninjas participating in each age division.
      • Teams will be co-ed.
      • Each team will be assigned a team color and will receive team t-shirts for the season. T-shirts will be provided at the first competition.

      Competition Format

      NEW for the Fall season! At each KNL competition, ninjas will participate in 3 events, trying to earn points for their team (see below for more info on our point system). The course, obstacles, and skill events will change each time!

      Event #1: Obstacle Course Run

      Ninjas will take on a new course each competition! Courses consist of an average of 10 obstacles and are designed differently for each competition.

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      • Number Of Course Runs Per Ninja: 1
      • What’s Recorded?
        • ObstaclesNinjas will run the course receiving (1) point for every obstacle successfully completed within the provided time limit. If an obstacle is attempted and not completed, there will be no point awarded for that obstacle. Ninjas will continue to run the course after a failed obstacle and can still receive points for each successfully completed obstacle.
        • Time: The time it takes for each Ninja to complete his/her course run will be recorded. If a Ninja does not complete the course within the provided time limit, the maximum time will be recorded as their time (ex: Bobby is on obstacle #8 when the time limit of 2:30 runs out. Bobby’s time for his course run would be recorded as 2:30.) Points will take precedent over time for score keeping. Time will be used if any teams have a tie with points.

      Event #2: Skill Event/s

      Ninjas will test their agility, speed, balance, strength and more at our ever changing Skill events.

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      • Number Of Skill Event Attempts Per Ninja: 2-3
      • What’s Recorded?
        • Your personal best
      • What Are The Type Of Skill Events? Depending on the Skill event, two things can be recorded:
      1. Repetitions: How many times can a skill/challenge be completed in a provided time limit? (Example: in 30 seconds, how many times can you run down and back on a balance obstacle?)
      2. Time: Length of time it takes to complete a skill/challenge (Example: how long does it take to complete a row of rings, climb a rope, etc.)

      Event #3: Ninja Challenges- Catch the Lights

      Ninjas will combine their strength, focus and strategy as they race across obstacles to “catch” our Ninja lights in unique, fun challenges! 

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      • Number Of Light Challenge Attempts Per Ninja: 2-3
      • What’s Recorded?
        • Your personal best
      • What Are The Type Of Light Challenges? Our interactive light system has multiple modes of “play” so the fun is continually changing. (Example: Ninjas traverse across a rock climbing wall while “catching” their teams colored lights.)

      Competition Scoring

      Team Points

      Each of the 3 events will have a leaderboard that will automatically seed Ninja’s based on their performance. The top 50% of ninjas in each event will earn points for their team.

      • Example: There are 12 ninjas in the 5-6 year old division. The top 6 ninjas in each event will earn points for their team as follows:
        • 1st place: 6 team points
        • 2nd place: 5 team points
        • 3rd place: 4 team points
        • 4th place: 3 team points
        • 5th place: 2 team points
        • 6th place: 1 team points
      • At the end of each competition, the total number of team points will be tallied. Teams will earn SEASON points after each competition based on their final standing at each competition. SEASON points accumulate over the season and will be awarded as follows:
        • 1st place team finish: 4 season points
        • 2nd place team finish: 3 season points
        • 3rd place team finish: 2 season points
        • 4th place team finish: 1 season point
      •  In the event there is a TIE of total team points, the team with the highest course run finish will take the higher placement.
      • Updated season team standings will be posted after each competition.

      Individual Points

      We will highlight the top 3 finishers, male and female, in each of the 3 events at the end of every competition. These top performers will earn individual points which will accrue over the season. Points will be awarded as follows:

      • 1st place: 3 points
      • 2nd place: 2 points
      • 3rd place: 1 point

      At the end of the season, individual points will be tallied and the top male and female finisher in each age division will be recognized and will receive a prize!


      • Members: $150
      • Non-Members: $170 (screening may be required)

      Please note, this is a separate program from our youth instructional classes. There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for missed competitions.

      Safety/COVID Procedures

      Prior to joining us, please be sure to visit our FULL Safety/COVID Procedures here.

      Programming Safety:

        • Age divisions are limited to the following enrollment numbers:
          • 5-6 Year Old Division: 16
          • 7-8 Year Old Division: 16
          • 9-10 Year Old Division: 24
          • 11+ Year Old Division: 21
        • For each age division, Ninjas will rotate to 3 different events in groups no larger than 8.
        • Each group will be spread out throughout our 5,000 sq. ft gym.
        • There will be visual markers at each of the 3 events designating where ninjas can safely wait for his/her turn.
        • Parents (limited to 1 per child) will watch from our lobby viewing area (separate from the gym).
          • When your child is participating in his/her COURSE RUN, we will have a designated viewing area in the gym where you may watch/videotape your child. A mask is required to do so and we ask you please head back to the lobby after your child’s run.

        Facility Safety:

        • An updated electronic waiver is required for each family before entering the facility.
        • We ask that ALL students/visitors enter through our NINJA side front doors (under the black awning).
        • Arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to the event start time.
        • Upon entry, temperature checks will be taken for all visitors (employees, students and parents/guardians). Anyone appearing ill or who has a temperature over100 will not be permitted to enter the building. Any person sent home must be fever free (without medication) 72 hours prior to return.
        • Parents are required to wear face coverings when entering the building and in common areas, unless he/she has a medical condition prohibiting them to do so.
        • Students, adults and employees will be required to sanitize/wash hands upon entering facility.
        • We ask that ALL students/visitors exit through our GYMNASTICS side front doors.

      Limited space available. Last day to sign up: Saturday, September 26th.

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