Safety/COVID Procedures

For all Gymnastics and Ninja Programs

We are SO happy to be back with our Gymnasts and Ninjas!

We missed our students and are SO thankful to be back in the gym doing what we love to do: teaching kids!! Please know that your goal is our goal; to keep you and your family healthy and safe in the gym while working hard and having fun. Since re-opening in June 2020, we have implemented many safety procedures and facility updates (please see below) to assure our gym continues to be a fun and safe environment for all. 

Partnership: We can’t do this without you!

We are imploring you, our gym families, to become our partners as we continue to take these important safety steps. Below you will find our latest Safety/COVID procedures. This guide will be your family’s road map to a safe and healthy experience in our gymnastics and ninja gym. Please take the time to review this with your student prior to joining us. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!

Safety Procedures:

Arrival Traffic Flow/ Student Drop-off

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  • An updated electronic waiver is required for each family before entering the facility.
  • We ask that ALL students/visitors enter through our NINJA side front doors (under the black awning).
  • Please limit to 1 accompanying adult per family until further notice.
  • If a child is being dropped off, students must be dropped off by parent/guardian inside the facility after check-ing in upon entry. 
  • Arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to class time.
  • Please arrive with student/s as ready as possible for class:
    • GYMNASTICS: leotard is required, hair pulled back out of face, shoes & socks removed.
    • NINJA: We ask Ninjas bring (2) pairs of shoes, (1) to arrive in and (1) to wear in the gym (preferably not worn outside)

Class/Event Adjustments

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  • Classes/Events will not exceed more than 8/10 students in 1 group.
  • We have reduced the total number of groups in the gym at 1 time.
  • Per the City of Danbury (effective 8/15/21), face coverings are required in the facility and gyms for all students, staff and visitors. 
  • Instructors will do their best to implement social distancing, however, to teach gymnastics and ninja safely and effectively, clear oral instructions and attentive spotting are essential. Spotting will require our staff to physically guide children through their routines, so physical contact will be inevitable.
  • Stations and class activities will be modified to allow distance between children.
  • Students & instructors will be required to sanitize hands after every rotation.
  • Parent & Child /Preschool lesson plans will be modified to limit the use of props. Props used will be ones that can be cleaned. Until further notice, we will not be using stamps or stickers.

Wellness Checks

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  • Anyone appearing ill or who has a temperature over 100 will not be permitted to enter the building. Any person sent home must be fever free (without medication) 72 hours prior to return.
  • All visitors are required to wear face coverings when entering the building and in common areas, unless he/she has a medical condition prohibiting them to do so.
  • Please bring a filled water bottle with your child’s name on it to class (or you may purchase one from a vending machine.)
    • To limit traffic entering/exiting the gym, water bottles will be brought into the gym and will remain with your child’s instructor. Please, water only. Gatorade/juice is not allowed the gym.
  • Please limit belongings brought into the facility.
    • We have suspended our lost and found. All remaining water bottles/belongings will be discarded from the facility at the end of each business day.

Departure Traffic Flow/ Student Pick-up

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  • Equipment and gym matting will be cleaned frequently.
  • High contact surface areas of common areas (lobby, bathroom) will be cleaned frequently.
  • If a child is being picked up, students must be picked up by a parent/guardian inside the facility.
  • We ask that ALL students/visitors exit through our GYMNASTICS side front doors.

Facility Updates

Along with new procedures, we have also been working hard implementing the following facility updates: 

  • Anti-viral filtration system installed in HVAC units.
  • Medi aire purifier (used in hospitals) installed in both gyms.
  • All surfaces to be cleaned with Simple Green DPro 5.
  • Hand free towel dispensers installed in bathrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer for use throughout facility.
  • Digital flyers, schedules and information! (touch-less)

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